Cluster Development and Innovation in Internet Business (AEI E-BUSINESS)

The Innovative Business Partnerships Program (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (MITT), developed by the General Management of Policy of PYME and commissioned in 2007, participates in the European strategy to promote competitiveness through the creation and development of innovative clusters, actions identified as priorities by the Framework Programme (2007-2013) Competitiveness and Innovation of the European Union.

AEI is defined as a "combination, in a geographical area or specific industrial sector, companies, training centers, research units and other agents public or private, involved in processes of cooperation enabling them to obtain profits or benefits arising from the implementation of joint projects of innovative character, and achieve a critical mass that it can ensure their international competitiveness and visibility".

The group of technological innovation (AEI) for the development and innovation of business on the Internet, through the promotion of entrepreneurship of this type of business, strengtheing the networking of all PYMES in the service sector, business innovation associated with the development of on-line services based on technological forecasting and logistics management. As well as innovation and information services and knowledge through analysis of successful experiences and exploring the future opportunities of the Internet.

The AEI E-BUSINESS, Cluster Association for innovation and development of Internet businesses, figure -dated 13/07/2010- registered in the Register Business Grouping of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain

It was decided the establishment of an Association of Innovative Enterprises (AIE), with association legal formula, initially established by the list of companies and institutions listed below:

  • Madrid Open University (UDIMA)
  • CEF Bussiness School, S.L.
  • Fundación Hergar para la Investigación y Promoción Educativa
  • Gabinete Educativo 2000, S.L.
  • Publicaciones Técnicas Profesionales, S.L.
  • Spanish Asociation of Internet Businness (ANEI)

Objective of the AEI

The overall goal of the AEI is translated into the following specific headings:

  • Research, development and collaborative innovation among member countries of the AEI.
  • The transfer of knowledge and technologies among members of the AEI and between them and other AEI and / or networks of national and international I+D+i As the I+D+i programs belonging to the Framework Programme of the European Union, National Plan I+D+i, I+D+i Plans of Strategic Actions for scientific research, technological development and innovation, and I+D+i programs of Autonomous Communities applicable to the PYMES of the service sector.
  • Supporting growth and innovation in existing organizations, through:
    • The definition of standards for implementing this type of business.
    • The training focused on technological innovation.
    • The infrastructure for I+D+i.

Lines of activity

The lines of activity of the AEI E-BUSINESS "- Cluster Association for innovation and development of Internet businesses, are detailed below.

  • The promotion, internal and external, of the Association as an international center of business on the Internet.
  • Formulation of a model of coordination and joint development as well as the implementation of all necessary measures, through the creation of working groups, in order to urge the competent authorities to take appropriate action in promoting development the Information Society.
  • Identification and promotion of projects and areas of improvement to increase the competitiveness of companies in the Internet Sector.
  • Coordination of all ongoing initiatives and exploit potential synergies.
  • Provide a forum for debate and discussion to all members of the sector of Internet Business.
  • Promote cooperation between the public and private sector management and promotion of common interests, including joint participation in European projects.
  • Promote and cooperate in promoting all kinds of actions that may involve consolidation, development and creation in Spain of viable business activities related to the sector of Internet businesses in particular, support the search for funding to implement new businesses, or the development of I+D+ i activities in the Internet sector.
  • To create, participate in or cooperate with other entities with complementary or similar activities to those of this Association.

Research areas

The Research and Development Institute (IID) of the Open University of Madrid is the coordinating institution for research, development and innovation in science and technology of UDIMA. Is an interdisciplinary center that coordinates all research activities of the University.

"Cluster-Association for Innovation and development of business on the Internet" operates within the framework of Research and Development Institute (RDI) of Open University of Madrid and promotes the following research lines:

  • Innovation Policies and PYMES (SMES)
  • Organizational Innovation, technology and advanced management
  • Design of new products and services aimed at e-business
  • I+D +i of e-Business and E-Commerce
  • I+D+i of Electronic Marketing
  • Purchasing I+D+i (E-Procurement)
  • I+D+i of Virtual Market (e-Marketplaces)
  • I+D+I of Mobile computing and Network Management
  • I+D+i of Security and Infrastructure of Database
  • Groupware, Personal Information Management, Community Platforms

Government Boards

The bodies of government-Cluster Association for innovation and business development at Internet are as follow:

  • The General Assembly.
  • The Board of Directors
  • President, Vice President, and Secretary

The Board of Directors, as the representative body and managing the interests of the Association, is composed by the following members.

  • Mr Arturo de las Heras García, President
    Manager of Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF) and the Open University of Madrid (UDIMA).
  • Mr Miguel Errasti Argal, Vice President.
    President of the National Association of Internet.
  • Mr Mikel Castaños López, Vocal.
    General Director of Education Office 2000, SL
  • Mr Juan Angel Hernández Torres, Vocal.
    General Director of Professional Technical Publications, SL.
  • Mrs Ana Landeta Etxeberria. Secretary General. Director of Innovation at the Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF) and the Open University of Madrid (UDIMA). E-mail: