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Virtual Mobility at MOU

For those students interested in studying abroad to adopt an international approach in their studies and to Access a wider labour market, Madrid Open University offers the opportunity to take courses at another University through Virtual Mobility.

With this, MOU aims to provide its students with the same possibilities of spending a period at another University as an on-campus student has, but without requiring a relocation, which benefits them given that it means they can carry on studying alongside their work or other activities, which would not be possible with conventional exchange programmes.

Amongst the advantages and benefits of Virtual Mobility are:

  • Personal as well as professional enrichment through having the opportunity to widen academic and professional options.
  • Acquiring new technological skills through the use of ITC and participation in new learning scenarios.
  • Benefiting from access to the exchange of knowledge and experiences with teachers and students from other countries.
  • Immersion in the language, culture and traditions of the host university.
  • A reduction to the costs of the exchange because relocation to the host university is not required.

MOU’s International Relations Office manages, coordinates, promotes, encourages and supports the management and evaluation of all of the Virtual Mobility programmes, highlighting as amongst their priorities the strengthening of the academic activity of students across all departments, and the projection of agreements that bring academic communities closer together in the national as well as international spectrum.

A Virtual Mobility Programme for the University Master in Business Management and Administration (MBA) is currently available within the academic programme at MOU. This Programme has been set up based on a Specific Academic and International Virtual Mobility Collaboration Agreement with the Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi (USGM) in Italy.

In virtue of this, the students will be able to bring an international element to their studies and also access a much wider labour market, thanks to the subjects that will now be available to them at USGM with the same proximity they are used to. The following documents are available providing further information: