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Its function is to promote, facilitate and support all the activities related to research projects on international academic cooperation, as well as to manage the international programmes, networks and associations Madrid Open University participates in.

MOU is a member of the following International Networks:

  • EUA: European University Association. EUA's mission as the voice of Europe’s universities is to influence the outcomes of European level policy debates on issues that will have an impact both at national level on the work of national university associations and for the association’s individual member universities. Equally, EUA looks to support its members in understanding and responding to these developments in an ever-more complex and competitive global environment.
  • GUIDE Association: GUIDE promotes the implementation of innovative results, insights and best practices in order to identify present, emergent and future needs of REGIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL stakeholders and highlight potential areas for STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP and transnational cooperation.
  • Vit@lis: Network Europe-Latin America and the Caribbean for the Information Society.
  • National Association of Distance Educational Centres (ANCED): Aims to promote and protect its associated centers as well as to offer its students a high level of teaching quality, guaranteeing a controlled training by specialised professores and tutors in advising these center with regards to ts teaching methodology, pedagogy, tutorials and new technologies.
  • ANEI: Presidency of MOU of the E-Learning Comission of the National Asociation of Internet Companies.
  • Universia: The link to Spanish and Latin American universities.
  • Foundation: The Foundation for the International Promotion of Spanish Universities is a public sector foundation that aims to promote the Spanish university system throughout the world.


Madrid Open University (MOU) collaborates in a European programme, belonging to the Grundtvig Programme which aims to improve the quality and European dimension of adult education in a general sense, including formal, non-formal and informal education, which includes self-learning. The main objective of the project is the exchange of good European practices in adult education using Information and Communication Technologies. his important project is called "AGE 50+ - Active Generation 50+" and some of MOU’s teachers are currently taking part in it.

The European Commission is the institution behind this initiative, which is, in turn, coordinated by Channel Crossings. The project will be carried out between 1st August 2013 and 7th July 2015, coming to an end with a Workshop at the Madrid Open University on 22nd and 23rd Abril 2015.