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University Spanish Courses for Chinese Speakers


University courses associated with the unofficial university-specific degrees enable the student to attain specific, predetermined morphosyntactic structures corresponding to the selected level. This in turn will facilitate learning in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference.


The courses are developed according to the methodology of online language teaching. This methodology is based on the acquisition of European language skills - the internationally recognized Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - and the Madrid Open University (MOU) educational system, where the student actively uses Information Technology and Communications, receives personalized teaching and acquires the necessary digital competency for up-to-date professional development.

At the MOU Language Institute, the Spanish University courses are taught by university professors specially qualified in teaching languages and in teaching methods based on Information Technology and Communications, with one of the main objectives being making learning a language a fun and enjoyable experience.

Aimed at

The leitmotiv of the Spanish University Courses, “speaking Spanish is not an option, it's a necessity”, allows this training proposal to be available to the public in general, so that they can be qualified to interact with confidence on a personal and professional level.

Admission requirements

Spanish citizens and foreigners who are at least 18 years old or who will be 18 by the start of the academic course, qualify to register at the MOU Language Institute. No academic achievements are required to participate in the Spanish University Course. Students may register for the course they deem most appropriate considering their actual knowledge of the language. A test will be given to establish the corresponding level for the course.

Students with a MOU internal certification of lower grade completion or those who register for the beginner level A1 as well as those who present a language equivalence accreditation will be exempt from taking the test (see the Equivalences subheading).


Courses for General levels

Access Spanish A1 6
Platform Spanish A2 6
Spanish B1.1 6
Spanish B1.2 6
Advanced Spanish B2.1 6
Spanish B2.2 6
Spanish C1.1 6
Spanish C1.2 6


It should be noted that our standards correspond to the specific levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Currently our curriculum levels are based on the linguistic proficiency levels of the following institutions and/or Universities.

The Spanish University course degrees are equivalent to the training provided by other referenced institutions (see attached chart). These qualifications must be no more than two years old to be considered valid.

Common Framework
Reference (CEF)
Official of
DELE(*) CELU (**)
Access (A1) Spanish A1 Basic I DELE (level A1)
Platform (A2) Spanish A2 Basic II DELE (level A2)
Threshold (B1) Spanish B1.1 Intermediate I DELE (level B1.) Initial
Spanish B1.2
Advanced (B2) Spanish B2.1 Intermediate II DELE (level B2.) (Intermediate) CELU (Intermediate)
Spanish B2.2
Effective (C1)
Spanish C1.1 Advanced I DELE (level C1.) (Advanced) CELU (Advanced)
Spanish C1.2

(*)DELE. Diploma of Spanish as a foreign language by the Instituto Cervantes (**)CELU. Certified espanol:lengua and use by the Interuniversity Consortium for the assessment of the knowledge and use of the Spanish as a foreign language.

Evaluation System

The MOU learning evaluations system includes different types of assessment and learning activities. The established assessment criteria are as follows:

Learning activities
Continuous assessment (AEC)
Oral exam on-line
Final in-person exam
TOTAL 100%


Upon successful completion, the student will receive a proprietary university degree crediting the achieved level issued by the MOU Language Institute.

The achieved levels will be credited according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Therefore, given that it is an internationally recognized system of equivalences, this certificate will enable students to prove their language skills to any academic or professional institution.

Fees and forms of payment

The price per ECTS credit for the academic year 2021/2022 is 75 €.

Credits Appropriations Single payment Deferred payment (1)
6 ECTS 450,00 € 463,50 €

(1) It will be paid in six installments by direct debit, providing said data to the University at the time of registration.

The fractional payment has a surcharge associated with the final amount of 3%.

Registrations that are formalized from September 16 / February, the installment payment will be paid in five installments of the proportional amount.

Start date

The next course will begin on 4 March 2024.