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In case your university is interested in establishing a collaboration agreement, please contact us at

This is the current list of existing agreements between UDIMA and universities all around the world:





In the following link you can consult Acuerdo de Londrina, which includes the following universities:

  • Universidad Abierta para Adultos (UAPA), Dominican Republic.
  • Universidad Central del Este (UCE), Dominican Republic.
  • Universidade Norte do Paraná (UNOPAR), Brazil.
  • CEIPA Business School, Colombia.

In case your institution is interested in establishing a Bilateral Agreement with UDIMA so both can participate together in the Erasmus+ programme, please contact us at

If you are an UDIMA student and you are interested in studying abroad or in a traineeship through Erasmus+ Programme, please check out International Mobility & Erasmus+ section or contact our International Relations Office (ORI) at